Sanna Völker

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When I was first introduced to the knife I felt immediately drawn to its raw form. To me, the shape itself was in no need of intervention, but nevertheless of a more gentle grip. I thought of ways in which the handle could maintain its original geometry and I recalled how as a kid I had experimented with the traditional craft of hand-dipping candles. Inspired by the technique, the knife is dipped into a mix of stone dust and acrylic which results in a textured mineral surface. A surface that just like stalactites (mineral formations in caves) slowly grows with each layer. 

*Please note these are not functional knives, they should be treated as works of art and handled with extreme care.

About the designers.

Sanna Völker is a designer of objects and furniture. Her work can be described as a search for equilibrium between rawness and refinement, harmony and intrigue. Her designs often draw references to architecture and brutalism, manifested in furniture and objects of pure shapes.

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