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Our work as a studio focuses on the research and application of recycled plastics, so our knife handle should materialise in this sense. Plastics are resistant, don't spoil with humidity and are easy to clean. A kitchen knife handle made of plastic waste-based materials from the same household environment makes sense. On a functional level, in addition to recycling, it had to be recyclable, so the first decision was to make it removable using Allen screws. Thus, since it is possible to disassemble it at the end of its useful life, we could also make several interchangeable handles depending on the occasion, so that it is more sustainable for the planet, more useful and emotional for people.


About the designers.

OiKo is a product design studio and materials consultancy focused on assisting companies in the transition to a circular economy. We work from the knowledge of the matter, the perception of the user and the impact on the environment to offer more emotional products for the user and more sustainable for the planet.