Octavio Barrera

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Since I landed on the project, I was interested in the idea of mixing the concepts; technical and primitive, it is from there that I begin to assess different options that could generate a piece without struggling to find more additional materials. The resulting pieces have been solved without the need for any external or additional component, only the organic meeting of two materials. Natural wicker, apparently related to artifacts of primitivism such as arrows, spears or knives and on the other hand a high quality steel, with an exquisite finish through the technique of Florentine Kitchen Knives.

About the designers.

Octavio Barrera is a Canary-born artist and designer. He moved to Barcelona in 2010 where he started a Design degree, since then he begins to show a special interest on exploring and work with primary materials from his Barcelona based design atelier, where he combines commissioned works with personal projects that he named Creative Explorations, experimental exercises with a research and hands-on approach. / @octaviobarrera

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