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Fencing is a discipline that suggests a perfect balance and combines elegantly strength, power in contrast with sobriety sophistication and nobility. The Sabre is one of the three disciplines of modern fencing. We were inspired by the unique shape of Its handle and all these appealing characteristics that comprise this art to create the parallelism with this knife. A simple and contemporary review. The design is distinguished by its grip on the handle and the jewel effect using stainless steel as the only material for the entire knife in order to preserve its essence.

About the designers.

Daniel Vila and Ester Pujol founded Nahtrang Design in 2004, a product design Studio, following their motivation for making better the everyday life designing useful, honest and responsible designs with simple lines and a direct language. They collaborate with different universities as Escola Massana, Elisava and EINA. Some of their products have appeared in various publications such as On Diseño, Experimenta, Creativity Guide, Icon and Wallpaper among others. / @nahtrang

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