Altherr Desile Park

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Pleasure is part of our studio DNA, especially when it comes to the art of cooking and eating. We wanted to underline the smooth, agile shape of the blade with a handle with a fish-like form that speaks to both the ancient magic of knives and the pleasure of a celebration. We chose Buxus Sempervivens, a local wood from the pyrenees traditionally used for spoons which is extremely dense, therefore naturally resilient to both water and oil while also being delicate, silky, and very pleasant to touch. The functional metal fixtures are re-conceived as an ornamental cadence of delicate dots. We also added a pepper and salt grinder to complete the project.

About the designers.

Altherr Désile Park is characterized by a holistic approach, humanist character, and a search for the essential, combined with a sensibility that transmits harmony and balance. We specialize in product design, brand & art direction, and ephemeral architecture for internationally recognized design companies such as Arper, Burgbad, Noorth, Poltrona Frau and Vibia, among others. / @lievore_altherrdesilepark 

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