Júlia Esqué

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The first explorations revolve around the relation between the knife and the hand, ergonomics and gestures, with the intention to create a delicate and long lasting object, treating the knife as a jewel. Willing to add the little material as possible towards maintaining the finesse of the handle resulted in the appearance of the “button”: a flat round surface to place the index finger. Laura Brichs, an architect and jeweler took care of the production. The pieces are made of brass in a semi-matte finishing.

About the designers.

Born in Barcelona in 1986. Journeyed through various creative processes and experiences before recently establishing as an independent product designer. Her projects are based on the experience of research and hands-on making, and have been exhibited in Brussels' Collectible Fair, Gent Design Museum or HKDI Gallery in Tokyo, among others. / @juliaesque

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