Jordi Canudas Studio

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The Flesh Knife echoes the idea of understanding tools and utensils as extensions of our bodies; A knife growing directly from your hand. The resulting project is a thermoplastic flesh-like handle that can be heated up to take the unique grip of its owner. A personalised, made to size handle that adapts, perfectly, to the hand of its owner, only… Until somebody else heats it up again and apropiates it by imprinting her hand into it. Over and over again challenging the concepts of customisation and ownership.

About the designers.

Jordi’s practice develops from a conceptual base onto prototyping and testing with a direct approach to materials that inform the project. Aside from this research based practice at the studio, Jordi is a visiting lecturer at several design universities. His work has been exhibited internationally and can be found in important design collections. / @jordicanudas

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