Curro Claret

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Next to an abandoned house in the countryside I found a half-broken chair among the plants. According to what they told me, the house had been uninhabited for at least 40 years. Some parts were so deteriorated that it was difficult to restore it. I took the ones that were in better condition and finally chose the lower supports to make the handles of the knives, manipulating them as little as possible. I'd like to think that the original owner of the chair would be fine with its new use. The reuse culture so present in the past ... It is probably even more urgent and necessary today.

About the designers.

From the late 90’s I’m designing objects, products, furniture, happenings, strategies and some interior design for companies (BD Barcelona Design, Camper, Metalarte or Zicla) institutions, galleries and foundations (Arrels Foundation, Tot Raval, Impulsem or We Are Water Foundation) At the same time I have been teaching at different universities around the world. Trying to describe in a few words what I like to do, I could say something like; to be on the margins, in the neglected, in the careless... Which I know it’s not saying much and it doesn’t really include all the projects and context in which I have been related. 

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