Aya Ulan

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Archaeologists continue to put together tiny puzzles of found fragments for us to better understand the origins of us, humans. And today, we know that the Stone Age flake is the origin of knives, this indispensable tool of Homo evolution, of our evolution. Through centuries, this crucial artifact evolved, passing from a tool for hunting to table use, from rough flints to delicate metal. But there is another overseen artefact of our evolution, the joint between a cutting tool and a handle - a humble twisted cord of vegetal fibers used for hafting.In an intimate harmony, these relics recall the fundamental technology of humans.

About the designers.

 Ulan possesses a multifaceted approach to solving design problems, combining Oriental mentality with Occidental education. With a degree in industrial design engineering she sets a career path as a circular designer which permits the exploration of sustainability through materials, and processes. Besides, Aya has strong affection to hand-crafted artisanry.



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