The Table Knife Project

    The Table Knife Project

    The Table Knife Project brings together the Barcelona based cutlery company Florentine Kitchen Knives and 28 local design studios and collaborators to create 56 extraordinary table knives - personal interventions to an existing model designed by the cutlery firm. Curated by the FKK team and Barcelona based designer Berta Julià Sala, the project is supported by the branding and visual design of Gymnasium and the images of local photographer Coke Bartrina.

    The purpose of the initiative is to raise money for el llindar foundation, who support young people that have found themselves outside the mainstream education system, by teaching them how to become cooks and front of house professionals in the hospitality industry.

    The design project also focuses on creating a sense of community-during these strange times- allowing a meeting point for designers and makers from the region. To this end, fkk handed each of the designers the same table knife blade and encouraged them to make a set of knives reflecting their personal views on the object, using materials in an ecologically and socially responsible manner.