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One of the circular economy principles says that materials should be easily divided between two different flows, a technical and a biological one, and that we are supposed to reintroduce them in the chain with no loss of value. That’s why we chose a natural material like pine bark, locally obtained and really connected to the mediterranean area, and we polished it to get to the needed ergonomic shape. Handle and knife are connected with very visible screws, a joint that makes it easy to separate both materials to have an easy recycling once the knife reaches its end of life.

*Please note these are not functional knives, they should be treated as works of art and handled with extreme care.

About the designers.

Nutcreatives is a product design studio based in Barcelona that works under sustainability since 2009 in sectors like furniture, packaging or lighting. We think that good design is one that connects all possible factors in a more complete and better solution for the user and the environment. / @nutcreatives

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