Ángel Valiente Studio for Design

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My first starting point was to consider a process in which sustainability is central in regards to materials and manufacturing. When I received the brief, I was visiting my parents in Cuenca, an antique small city between Valencia and Madrid, surrounded by forests and mountains. I wanted to play with the idea of combining a traditional material, preferably wood, with a contemporary modelling system such as 5 axis CNC cutting. Therefore I gathered some pieces of boxwood, which is a very abundant tree in Cuenca´s forests and has been traditionally used for kitchen tableware like cooking spoons and forks. The third point of the project is to find a way in which the knife joining elements are hidden and there is a lineal continuity between the blade and the grip, working as an invisible, clean and magical union. Finally I coloured the wood with a natural iron oxide, which gives it a dark patina while being completely biodegradable. The result is an object with a radical simplicity, practical and precise.

About the designers.

Ángel Valiente is a Studio for Design based in Barcelona. We work for people and companies who value simplicity and innovation, challenging industry standards and finding new conceptual and functional solutions for contemporary living. / @angelvalientestudio

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