Berta Julià Sala and Mike A. Hausmann

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Food lies at the heart of trying to tackle climate change, reducing water stress, pollution, restoring lands back to forests, and protecting the world’s wildlife. It accounts for a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions and half of land use. This handcrafted wooden knife aims to get people thinking more critically about the choices they make. As lucky people, we eat 3 to 6 times a day. Every day. What is the impact of changing a small detail of our eating routine? We added one more step in this routine: unsheathe your knife before starting your meal. Be aware of the consequences of your acts.

About the designers.

Berta Julià Sala is an industrial designer with sharp strategic and brand skills. Understanding design as a tool for change, Berta collaborates with people and companies to create good impact products. In this case, with Mike A. Hausmann, both an engineer and a talented carpenter. Mike makes high-quality wooden furniture while consulting for design studios as a material expert. / @bertajuliasala@haujawood

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