Andreu Carulla

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The concept of the knife is to create an artificial skin that protects and enables the use of the knife with the fewest economic, energetic and material resources possible.Therefore, we restricted the materials to one: a thermoplastic, which means there is no need for any machinery to conform the handle to the blade. Instead, we used the blade itself to achieve this. By applying heat to the blade and submerging it in a jar of thermoplastic pellets, we obtain a perfectly covered surface that provides the comfort and volume of a traditional handle, allowing conventional use as a knife.The final result is an artificial skin that recalls the texture of manta ray skin traditionally used on classic Japanese katakana.

*Please note these are not functional knives, they should be treated as works of art and handled with extreme care.

About the designers.

With materiality, craftsmanship and sustainability as goals, Andreu Carulla creates beautiful objects with timeless appeal.Following his childhood dream of becoming an inventor, Catalan-born Andreu Carulla founded his eponymous product design studio in 2006, becoming one of the most versatile design firms working in Spain today. / @andreucarulla


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